Blurred Minds

Blurred Minds is a side-story taking place between the events of Knight Saga: Zero and the beginning of the main Knight Saga series.  It introduces us to Tag and Lin, and their first meeting with a certain Knight and serian team that we’re all quite familiar with.

On the world of Haras, those criminals too magically gifted to be handled by normal means are handed over to the mentalists – psychic doctors charged with reforming even the most horrible of murderers into upright citizens.

Of these mentalists, ‘Tag’ is the best. The rumors say he’s never failed a patient. That his skill in illusions and the manipulation of thought are equal to any trickster god.

But even Tag has things he’s afraid of. Memories he’d like to stay forgotten. Wounds that never healed right.

With the arrival of the mass murderer Lin Cameron, however, there’s no time to run. Tag needs to stand and fight – and he’ll need to face the horrors he’s run from for so long. For himself – and for his patient.

Now available FREE at SmashWords.


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