Knight Saga

Thirty years ago, the enslaved humans of Haras rose up against their serian oppressors.  Using alchemy to twist the Bonds that enslaved them to their own advantage, the humans turned serian children into living batteries.  It was thus that the first Knights were created.

The Knights gave Haras the most powerful military in history, and the world soon joined the fledgling Crossworld Union.  The only serians left were those Bonded to Knights – forever children, even as their minds matured.

Five years ago, the high council nobleman and famous revolutionary James Lachance was outed as a traitor.  For years, he had conspired to hide free serians.  When the choice came to surrender his charges or fight and die, he chose to fight.

Now, unrest is building to a fever pitch on Haras.  Revolutionary groups spread through the Dark Quarter like wildfire.  The Reformists, led by James’ widow, battle with the Traditionalists in the Council over the rights of non-humans.

But the tipping point is yet to come.  James’ heir, Luc, has finished his training and become a Knight.  He serves, and watches, and waits.  Knowing soon, the time will come for him to act.


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